Friday, 7 May 2010

Thank you!

I'm delighted to be the first Member of Parliament for 'Thornbury & Yate' - indeed at one stage this evening I was the first Lib Dem MP in the country!

The full result was:

Steve Webb (Lib Dem) 25032
Matthew Riddle (Con) 17916
Roxanne Egan (Lab) 3385
Jenny Knight (UKIP) 1709

It was a great honour to get more than fifty per cent of the vote for the third General Election in a row. I think an hour or two of sleep may be called for!


Alexandra said...

Congratulations Steve! I and 4 little children helped you in 1997 and though we have moved away, i have continued to follow your career with interest.
One of those "little children" has been hitting the campaign trail for Don in Bath this time!
Alexandra Stevens

Anonymous said...

Glad to here it My Husband Voted as soon as the station was open before he had to go to hospital to have an operation


Hilary, Frampton Cotterell said...

Congratulations! Really well deserved after all your ongoing hard work. I am delighted to be living in the sanest constituency in England! Now please, please don't let Nick do a deal with Gordon Brown, however much 'power' he is offered. We did not vote for more profligacy and dishonesty. Do a deal with the tories, get PR and make sure we have another election soon, after which we are assured to see you again, even under that regime!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Steve. First time I've voted Lib Dem. Please don't let Nick do a deal with DC he really doesn't know what he's doing !!

Rachel Mary Checksfield said...

Yayyy!! Brilliant news, so pleased for you. I can confidently say we have the best MP in the country, not to mention the wittiest.. Keep up the good work! Rachel, Thornbury

David K said...

Well done Steve - richly deserved.

Make sure you guys hold out for proper electoral reform in the coming hours and days!

Nevo said...

Steve, well done & well deserved.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Steve - so good to read your blog with the brilliant news. Fantastic majority - we must be the most canny constituency in England !
Thanks for all your hard work.
Sarah, Marshfield

MadAlicesDad said...

Congrats and thank god for common sense in the local area.
Please can you pull NC away from DC though. We didn't vote Lib Dem to get self-interested Etonian rich boys into power. Labour may have been at the helm when the ship hit financial problems, but it's the Tories who drew the maps and built the ship in the first place!

Paul said...

This would seem like a good time to commission a national poll on electoral reform. Where are the pollsters?

I am nervous that some opinion in the Conservative party is so opposed to PR that the "Committee" on offer will just become a talking shop unless there is a clear public groundswell to go for a referendum.

Surely one of the messages of the election result is that no party can be trusted on its own. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely!"

maryreid said...

Congratulations Steve! I was following your result while at Ed Davey's count. (We had a marathon double count for GE and full locals here taking a total of 14 hours)

Tim said...

well done Steve - a great result!