Tuesday, 6 April 2010

And they're off!

Probably the worst-kept secret in recent months is finally out of the bag - Gordon Brown has been to the Palace and there really will be a General Election on 6th May!

Like most people, I will be glad to get on with it. It has been more-or-less impossible to have any sensible discussion about anything in Parliament in recent months because everyone has had one eye on the Election. In my experience, the few months leading up to an election are always the worst time for any hope of parties working together in a mature way for the good of the country.

This election feels quite different to the previous ones that I have fought. There's clearly a mood for change, but not necessarily simply to swap from one of the old parties to the other. I suspect that the combined Labour and Tory vote share may be one of the lowest in living memory as people vote for parties, such as the Lib Dems, who want to do politics differently and break open the system.

We've already been knocking on doors and surveying for months now, so I already have a feel for the mood of the electorate, but I'm looking forward to campaigning in earnest and to seeking election to a new Parliament which will, I hope, be much more outward looking than the one which is finally coming to an end.

PS If you're interested in information about my campaign or want to help - the place to visit is www.WinWithWebb.co.uk - thanks!

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