Friday, 4 May 2007

The local verdict

Last night's local elections in South Gloucestershire created some real cliff-hangers. Two wards that are both in my current Northavon constituency but not part of the new 'Thornbury and Yate' constituency were held by the Lib Dems by 19 votes (Pilning & Severn Beach) and by 5 votes (Bradley Stoke N). It is close results like that which make you feel all the effort that goes on during the campaign is actually worth it.

From the point of view of the 'Thornbury and Yate' constituency, the results were pretty good - 15 Lib Dems elected out of 18, with some thumping great majorities in parts of the constituency. It's also worth a word of praise for the town / parish councillors who do so much. To get 100% of the Lib Dem candidates elected in Thornbury, Yate and Dodington is a real tribute to the local team in each place.

The results also make the new Filton & Bradley Stoke parliamentary seat look really interesting. Labour were almost wiped out, but the Conservative parliamentary candidate also failed to get elected. This seat looks increasingly like a close fight between the Lib Dems (our candidate being Emma Bone) and the Conservatives, with the key determinant of the outcome being which way last times' Labour voters decide to go. Could be a busy few years!


tandy said...

The spinning of the FABS result is interesting. The Tories won 17 out of 25 Councillors with 51% of the vote. The Lib Dems lost 4 seats in Bradley Stoke which they have held since the Town was built and Labour lost 2 in Filton.

The maths on the Tandy result are also out. It's interesting that the local MP has no idea how many Councillors there are in his own constituency. There are 22 seats in Tandy, 20 of which were contested and the Lib Dems won 17.

Emma Bone has just been on TV claiming the Lib Dems only lost one seat in FABS.

Perhaps they should invest in a calculator?

Steve Webb MP said...

Fair point re the Thornbury & Yate result - I was underselling what we achieved - it was indeed 17 out of 20, not 15 out of 18 - I knocked off the two-member Frampton Ward twice! Not often MPs get accused of being too modest about their party's achievements...

Glad someone reads these things - even if it's only the local Tories :-)