Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Houses people can afford to live in

Today at Prime Minister's Questions, Ming Campbell asked about the big growth in the numbers of people on the housing waiting list over the last decade. In reply, the PM said he wasn't sure about the figures but knew they were spending a lot more money (!). Ming pointed out that many families waiting for housing are living in quite unsuitable and substandard accommodation, including many hundreds of thousands of children. The PM said that not only have they spent more money already, they are going to spend even more in the future. This is what passes for parliamentary debate!

I'm glad Ming went on this topic. It never ceases to amaze me how, in a relatively prosperous constituency such as Northavon, there are so many people in housing need of one sort or another. Nearly every week at my surgery I meet people who are about to lose their home (often because a landlord is selling up), can't find anywhere else to rent, and don't stand a chance of a council house or housing association property for years. The best answer, it seems to me, is to ensure that when big (or small) new housing developments take place - such as the new one at Filton Northfield, or at Emersons Green - a much bigger proportion are affordable homes to buy and rent. The developers may make less profit, but with real limits on space for housebuilding in our area, we've got to make sure that the houses that are built are ones that meet local needs.

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mjf said...

The Yate area has problems with housing stock as the houses where i live on the Aerodrome est have large gardens so a great way for property and builders to buy one house for access and buy a lot of the land on the ajoining houses as most of these familys are older people they are glad of the money. The trouble comes when the space is filled with flats when the flats are built 3or4times more people living than before, strain on the area as well as the new tesco and free parking for 1150 cars very nice if you dont live in yate i have seen this coming this last 20years

It is about time we had a time clock system which is a cardboard clock you put in your car window and set the time you leave your car and you are restricted to a limit of parking it is free as long as you return by the time limit is up if you are over the limit you pay. I lived in Yorkshire for many years where the system worked great. It is lovely to have a new tesco but we need a new road and rail system as well as many other things.The presure is on the council again it is so wrong.